Friday, 25 January 2013

ABC Challenge; V is for Vivo

Hi ladies! Okay, I'll kinda slipped my mind to get this post written, so it's now 10:30pm and I've finally remembered. This time I want to share V with you, I struggled SO hard trying to think of a brand beginning with V that was accessible, reasonably inexpensive and wouldn't have me pulling teeth until it arrived. I was completely at a loss and almost gave up the search, when I decided to go on a late night trip to our local 24hr Tesco store and was just browsing down the cosmetics isle, when I spotted Vivo Cosmetics!! Which is actually Tesco's own brand of cosmetics, needless to say I grabbed a couple - for £1 nonetheless! There wasn't a huge range of colours, so I just grabbed the two closest to me...shall we see the swatches?

Take Time is a Cyan Blue cream. The formula wasn't too great on either Vivo polishes, I found them to be very streaky and also started to crack as the first coat dried. I ended up having to apply 3 coats for the photos, to even everything out. These are without a top coat.

Looking Glass is a Brown-toned, Deep Plum almost jelly finish creme. I say it's almost a Jelly because it's definitely not as 'squishy' as some jellys, but it's also a lot glossier than some creme finishes. There are still some slight patching visible on the photos, but at this point (after swatching 10+ polishes) I couldn't wait to be out of the 'colder than the artic' room I was in, so I decided it was good enough...Call me a bad blogger if you will. The photos above are 3 coats of Looking Glass without a top coat.

So there you have my REALLY late part 2 of 2 for today's challenge entries. Is it just me that was completely stumped with V polish brands? Remember to check out all previous posts from the ABC Challenge here and stay tuned for W & X on Monday!

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