Wednesday, 30 January 2013

ABC Challenge; Y is for Yes Love

Hi ladies! I only have one swatch to show you in this post, the reason being these are probably the worst polishes I have ever used, now I can't say this applies to all polishes from this brand, but the two I bough for this challenge were awful. I found both needed at least 4 coats to even slightly cover up the nail line and the second polish I was swatching for this post didn't even make it to the photo stage, I got so angry at how bad it applied I just took it off.
I found both polishes to contain little lumps and flakes of dried polish, but until today these were unopened, so that blows my mind, unless they were tampered with/used beforehand. They also streaked like nobodies business, it took 4 coats to tame the streaks enough so that a top coat would smooth them out but even then they dried to a really weird texture full of grooves and lumps. I even thought about completely skipping this post completely, but it's the penultimate entry for the ABC Challenge and I've made it this far that I wasn't going to just give up now, so let's get into the swatch of the one polish I have to show you.

#8 is a bright, almost neon Purple with Pink undertones. As I mentioned above, the formula was terrible and I needed 4 coats of #8 to get to a good enough opacity, even then you can still see my Nail line...I applied a top coat to try and smooth out ridges and imperfections.

As you can see, I'm not happy with this polish, and although it only cost me 99p, there's so many alternative cheaper brands out there that aren't even half as bad as this. Unfortunately, I didn't want to splurge on Yves Saint Laurent polishes just for the sake of a challenge. Anyhoo, stay tuned for the final post of the ABC Challenge series coming later this afternoon! As always, you can click here for all previous ABC Challenge posts!


  1. I am glad to see someone post an honest opinion. I don't believe in saying bad things unless there is some bit of truth to them. I follow a lot of nail blogs and I don't recall seeing many bad reviews ever. This is a great opportunity for the maker to step up and give you a replacement of higher quality, or a good buyer beware warning. Thank you for posting your honest opinions of the polishes you try! There has been many a time I have wanted to throw a bottle of polish across a room because putting it on turned out to be more trouble than it was worth!

  2. Hi , i follow the blog and love it . Here in Portugal i found a lot of Yes Love , and they are my second favourite nail polish .
    That on the picture is a colection made for children , they are peel off .

    SO maybe thast's why you didn't like them..

    But try the other colections , they are amazing .

    Andreia Dias :)*

  3. Too bad the formula is such a disaster, because I do like the colour :)

  4. Wow !
    This purple is amazing !
    I love it <3


  5. Oh wow, I didn't know they were peel off polishes, that's probably why they smelt a little like glue. Even so, I found them to be terrible. Thanks for telling me though Andreia!

  6. I know that brand for years...
    Of couse you can expect a great deal from a nail polish that cost 1€ (here in Portugal)...
    But most of theme are good...
    And that one with the cap is the same the color that is one collection for kids.
    That`s why it peels of...
    I realy love that nail polish brand because it cheap and not that bad...
    They have magnectic nail polishes and another ones that changes color with the sun/shodow.