Thursday, 28 February 2013

Monthly Haul: February

Hi ladies! Two posts in the space of an hour? That's something different. I almost forgot to do my monthly haul post! This month has been a little insane, mainly due to the Professional Beauty Exhibition I attended and spent an obscene amount of money, luckily I had been saving for it, so it was 'extra cash' I had spare. I'll leave everything I bought from Pro Beauty until the end, so without further ado, let's jump straight into things!

I started off the month with a Sally Magpies purchase, I've wanted to try Hits polishes for a while and since they're between £3 and £6 I thought I would get a couple...or 10. I also added a piCture pOlish from my wish list onto the order, Orbit. The 3 Cirque you see were sent to me by Sally for a review, which you can see here.

These Nail'd It polishes have also been on my wish list for a long time, so when I saw them both in stock on Mei Mei Signatures, I placed an order.

After seeing the Press Release, I ordered the entire I ♥ NP Valentines collection, which you can see here.

The lovely Casandra from The Manilogues/FEVERlacquer was kind enough to pick up the China Glaze Glitz  N Pieces collection for me after seeing them in her local beauty supply.

I received these Feather Effects polishes to review from Invogue this morning (which still counts as Feb so I included them) you can see the freshly posted swatches here.

I found these beauties from the China Glaze Tronica collection for £16 inc shipping and since I only needed these to complete my Tronica collection (until I realised I had sold Techno Teal), I snatched them up.

And now for the Pro Beauty haul.....

As soon as I arrived at Pro Beauty I ran straight to the OPI stand, since I knew that pretty soon it would be impossible to even get anywhere near it....and I was right. I picked up the 7 polishes I wanted from the Euro-Centrale collection and also Lady In Black, since almost all of my black polishes are nearly empty. All OPI polishes were £6, which makes a huge difference to their usual £11.50

I spotted the China Glaze stand whilst gathering the polishes I wanted from OPI, so once I was done I went over to that hoping to find the Hologlams, which as you can see I did...However they were selling for just under £10 each, which was ridiculous, so I only picked up 6 of them instead of the planned 12, looking at the ones I picked, I should have maybe varied from just the Pinks & Blues. I also grabbed a few of the Avant Garden collection which was on my wish list, these were about £4.20 each. They also had a 10% off deal when you bought 12, so I ended up adding one of my friends polishes to the ones I'd bought to get the deal.

Next to the China Glaze/OPI stand, was a Nubar stand! I've never tried Nubar but they were having a 6 for £20 deal, so I thought now was a good time as any to try them out. I also realised at this point I was on a bit of a pastel kick....I rarely wear pastels. Oops.

After the Nubar stand, we spotted a little stall that was surrounded by women sitting on the floor and racking through all these plastic bins, so we went to inspect only to find that they were selling off old OPI collections, including the Skyfall polishes, for £3 each! I'd been wanting another bottle of My Boyfriend Scales Walls since mine is getting thick and unusable, so after a good rummage, I managed to find a bottle or two.

I wasn't originally going to get any of these, but after taking a break for dinner and counting my last bits of money, I thought I may as well put it to good use and get some Halo Hues, they had both the 2012 and 2013 collections so I got a couple of each. They were £7 each or 2 for £12.

So there you have my February's a bit much isn't it. I've also ran out of room in my Helmer to put any of these in, so until I get a new Helmer I won't be buying any more nail polishes. Also the second half of my Nail Tech course is starting next week, so I need to pay for that first off.
If you'd like to know the name of any of the polishes you see above, just write it in the comments and I'll let you know! I don't have them close to me at the moment to write them in as I go.


  1. This is such a super awesome haul!!!
    Some of them I still need to pick myself too.
    And just a small tip - do a post like that every once in a while, with less polishes each time. Then the guilt is not as massive ;-)

  2. Niiiice! You've done very well this moth :D

  3. Wooooooah! I wish my Feb was that full of polish! But you did seem to get some good deals AND you saved up for it! Nice!

  4. I'm jealous! And excited to see those Hits polishes, they look great :)

  5. The bottom China Glaze picture looks like some of the POTC polishes?

  6. THANKYOU for posting link to Sally Magpies! How have I not heard of this site before?? Its like Llarowe for UK without the astronomical postage charges :) :). Very jealous of all your new beauties lol xx