Monday, 4 February 2013

Review: BornPrettyStore Studs

Hi ladies! I was recently contacted by bornprettystore asking whether I'd like to review one of their products, of course I said yes. I've been wanting to get my hands on some studs for a while now but haven't come across some I really like. Until I came across these - the colours, the shapes and the sizes were exactly what I wanted. I have a couple mani's to show you in which I used various studs from the wheel, you'll have to excuse the second mani, I did it late at night so I had to use my light box and artificial lighting, but my camera doesn't like when I do that and 99% of the photos I took were a blurred mess. Luckily, you can still see all the detailing.

As you'll see, there is a huge difference in nail length between mani's, I had a little accident with the nail clippers whilst trying to attempt to trim them unfortunately, I had to cut them all down to nubs.

I saw this photo on Pinterest using studs to make a bow at the bottom of the nail against a solid background colour, and I really liked the idea, so I thought why not take that idea and turn it into a Tuxedo. I started off with a base of Essie - Licorice then painted on the triangles using White acrylic paint. Once that was dry, I added a Top Coat to one nail at a time and added the studs.

I got the idea from various images around Pinterest, I really liked the idea of a cross but also wanted to include the Diamond shape of studs too. I didn't want the whole mani to be studded, but was stumped for ideas to add to the pinkie and thumb, so of course, out came the stamping plates. I started off with a base of Essie - Licorice and an accent of A England - Excalibur. I then stamped with BM-223 and BM-314 using Excalibur for the stamping. As I mentioned the photo is a bit blurry since it was taken at night, so I apologise for that.

I loved the way both of these turned out, although after wearing the second mani to work, by the end of the day I had started to pick at the studs, so they didn't last very long. Of course, if you didn't pick at them they'd probably last you a lot longer! You can purchase your own studded wheel here for $4.89 as well as many other tools and decorations for your nails and otherwise! If you use the code below, you'll also receive 10% off of your order!


  1. Fantastic designs, clever you. And your nubs would be long on me!!

  2. Gorgeous mani! I love what you did with the studs :)

  3. I like all of your mani! I have Giveaway in my blog. Enter if you like it :

  4. Both of these are so fantastic! I *love* the mixture of studs and stamps, and your tuxedos are flat-out adorable. Love the creativity!!