Monday, 18 February 2013

Swatch: I ♥ NP - Valentines Collection

Hi ladies! I have the Valentines Collection from indie brand I ♥ NP for you this afternoon. For those of you who are unaware of I ♥ NP let me tell you a bit about the brand;

I ♥ NP is created by a lovely lady named Barbra and is based out of Las Vegas, NV in the US. Barbra first opened shop in August 2012 and has since taken the Nail Community by storm. Housed in a sleek, branded box I ♥ NP displays traits usually found in high end brands such as Illamasqua, Chanel, Dior etc, with 12ml of product in a tall, slim bottle complete with a matte Black rubberised cap for easy grip and a wide brush for easy application. Everything about this brand screams high end and mass produced, when in reality it's just an indie brand of which is hand created by just one mind. All I ♥ NP polish are all created using a 3-free suspension base.

The only downside to this brand is the smell, which to me, smells like the Gloss you use to paint wood. So if you are sensitive to smell, this probably isn't the brand for you.

Formula wise I found them to vary slightly polish to polish, some I was able to apply easily with minimal effort where as others I found needed lot more manipulation and control for a smoother, more even coverage. 

Since this is a Valentines themed collection, I wanted to stick to softer shades for underwear, so without further ado let's see the swatches! Of course, this post is going to be picture heavy, so I have included a jump break.

Candy Gram is an interesting combination of Teal hex, Red circular and White & Teal square glitter with Black shards and White hearts in a clear base. I did have to fish around a little to get more hearts onto the nail, but that is to be expected with heavier glitter. I layered 2 thin coats of Candy Gram over Eye Candy - Peppermint Dream and applied a Top Coat to smooth out the polish.

Cheshire Blues is a clear base with a mixture of various sized Lavender, Fuchsia and light Teal hex glitter, off White square, large satin Pink hearts and a metallic Lavender micro shimmer for good measure. It's a toss up between this and Candy Gram for the top spot of the collection, I have a thing for heart glitters. This is 2 thin coats of Cheshire Blues over OPI - Talk About An Upgrade with an added Top Coat.

Strawberry Crème is a milky White base packed with pale Pink, Red and Fuchsia circular and hexagonal metallic glitter. I applied 3 coats of Strawberry Crème alone without a Top Coat for the photos above.

No Place Like Rome is an all Red polish of various shapes and sized in a clear base. I love the combination of the different shaped glitters, it gives the polish more dimension than if it were just one. I layered 1 thick coat of No Place Like Rome over OPI - Passport And A Smile and smoothed it out with a Top Coat.

Forever And A Day is a mixture of pale Teal and Gold hex glitter in a clear base and is probably my least favourite from this collection. I probably should have chosen a different base to layer it over, but this is 2 coats layered over Essie - Chinchilly with a Top Coat.

Truffle Shuffle is a combination of various shaped and sized chocolate Brown glitter with added Red and pale Pink circular glitter. I love the name of this polish and it's probably my next in line of favourites to Cheshire Blues and Candy Gram. I applied 2 thin coats of Truffle Shuffle over BarryM - Lychee and added a Top Coat to smooth everything out.

You can purchase the whole 6 piece I ♥ NP Valentines collection here for $50 or you can purchase them, as well as many other I ♥ NP polishes including Once Upon A Starry Night & Babes In Toyland for $10 each directly from Etsy


  1. Wow, stunning collection! Candy Gram is an instant favourite! Love the pairing you did. Totally enhances the beauty of Candy Gram!

  2. All beautiful but the second last one is GORGEOUS!

  3. I love Forever And A Day. SO GORGEOUS!

  4. Wow! amazing swatches! I actually love Forever And A Day the most. It looks sooo elegant! x

  5. Beautiful swatches!!!! So pretty. ;)


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