Friday, 1 February 2013

Swatch Spam: Sally Magpies

Hi ladies! I have a little swatch spam post for you today featuring a selection of polishes available from Sally Magpies. If you're from the UK and aren't aware of what Sally Magpies is, basically it's a brand new online retailer, like the Llarowe of Britain, which currently sells Ozotic, Jade, piCture pOlish, Layla, Cirque and Hits all for amazing prices. Although there aren't a lot of brands available at this time, partly due to Sally Magpies being relatively new and a also one woman show, Sally is constantly on the look out for more brands to bring into the fold. If you have any suggestions of brands you'd like to see on Sally Magpies, be sure to like her on Facebook.
Now onto the swatches!

Pshiiit was created by Camille of the down-right amazing blog, Pshiiit, as part of the 2012 Collaboration shades. It's a gorgeous Teal-y Turquoise-y jelly base packed with shimmers and Teal flakes. This polish has been on my wish list for a looong time and I practically screamed when I opened up the package to find it sitting there. This is 3 coats of Pshiiit without a top coat. piCture pOlish retail for £10/£11.50 here.

Scarlet is part of the Diamond collection and is a gorgeous Red duo chrome that flashes to Orange and Magenta in certain lights. Though not as apparent on the nail, you can see the colour shift inside the bottle. I applied 3 coats of Scarlet without a top coat for the photos above. You can purchase the Jade Diamond collection for £5.50 each as well as the Holographic collection for £6.00 each.

Roma is part of the Glitters World collection and is a clear base packed with small Pink glitter, medium Pink, White, Blue, Gold and Holographic glitter and large White glitter. I had a little trouble with this polish, it was so thick that it was difficult to get an even coverage on the nail, I did add a little thinner to the polish which seemed to make it a little better. I applied 2 coats of Rome over Killer Colours - Gunmetal with a top coat (which didn't seem to smooth the glitter out as much as I wanted it to). You can find various Hits collections from between £3.50/£6.50.

Veruska is part of the Guerra Dos Sexos (War/Battle of the Sexes) collection, all the polishes in this collection are double ended. Veruska is a Dusty Rose creme one side and a sheer Blue/Pink shimmer on the other. As you can see from the photos above, the polishes can be worn separately (I didn't think to photograph the blue worn alone), or layered upon each other to create a Rosy Lilac shimmery shade. The first photos are 3 coats of the Pink, and the others are 1 layer of the Blue on top. These particular polishes are available for purchase here and are currently 15% off at £5.10 each

So there you have a little introduction to Sally Magpies and a sneak peek of some polishes she offers! Be sure to give her a like on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest brand additions and special offers! Who is excited to finally be able to get these brands in our own backyard?! I know I am!


  1. that jade nailpolish is so pretty!

  2. that jade nailpolish is so pretty!

  3. The Jade and the double ended Veruska nail polishes are so awesome. And you have such pretty nails and fingers that all polishes look good on you :)

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  4. Mmmmmm pretty colors ... Love it ..