Sunday, 31 March 2013

Monthly Haul: March

Hi ladies! Happy Easter, I hope you all haven't gauged yourself out on chocolate yet! As today marks the end of March (as if it's almost April already?!) it means it's time for my monthly haul post! Compared to Jan/Feb, I have been REALLY good this month, with the majority being sent for review, I haven't actually spent very much at all. Let's kick things off with the things I bought for myself shall we!

You may or may not be aware, I'm a qualified Nail Technician, but am currently learning all about Artificial Nail Structures and how to apply Gels/Acrylics/Overlays. So on my recent trip to Sallys to pick up a few essentials for my college course (which aren't included in the photo) I thought I'd try out some Nina polishes which were on a buy one get one half price offer as well as a Base and Top coat from China Glaze for an upcoming post. 

Next up are these Sation polishes which a lovely lady named Ameerah picked up for me. Ever since Let Them Have Polish has posted Sation, I've been drooling over them but as always, they're only available over seas. So armed with my Sation wish list, Ameerah was able to find these pretties for a really good deal! I just wish shipping wasn't so expensive!

And of course, a haul wouldn't be complete without a Sally Magpies order! When she announced she would be stocking Essence and Catrice, I did a little cartwheel in my head. As you may know, Essence/Catrice are polishes found in mainland Europe, and even though our little island is classed as European, we seem to be forgotten about when it comes to polishes! Unfortunately, Romeo lost it's twin to Sally's dog, so he's looking for a mate!

That concludes my purchases for the month, overall I was pretty good with keeping spending to a minimum. I was also really lucky with PR samples this month, which was a huge help in keeping spending down, so lets have a look what epic nail mail I was lucky enough to receive.

The brand new Spring/Summer collection from Headline Colours, formally known as Killer Colours. You can see the full post and swatches by clicking here.

Next up we have Invogue, a new brand available in selected Superdrug stores and on line now! Invogue is a sister brand to Eye Candy, which has been featured many a time on Polished Criminails. You can see swatches of these polishes here.

I was kindly sent these Gel Wrap base/top coat from Eye Candy to try out, I'm currently working on a post with these so stay tuned for that! I also received a set to giveaway to one of you ladies! Which will be featured shortly too!

I was also kindly sent 3 China Glaze polishes for review (one of which is 'Running In Circles' from the Cirque Du Soleil collection which I forgot to grab) I've already done a glitter gradient with Lorelei's Tiara, which you can see here, and will be reviewing the second polish shortly.

Bondi* is a new brand on the block, available currently on line in the US, I will be doing a full review on this polish next week, complete with all the information you need and a coupon code for your shopping pleasures, so stay tuned for that.

And finally we have the Nails Inc Bling It On: Leather & Skulls set, which you can see a full review of here.

So there you have all the polishes I bought/received in March. I can see another really low buy in April, but we'll have to find out just how low of a buy it was in 30 days time! What are your hauls like from March? Are they huge, small or somewhere in the middle? Did you manage to find a polish you REALLY wanted this month?


  1. Awesome haul!!! :D There are some really lovely polishes in there!

  2. I am envious of your haul! (Also it makes me feel slightly better at the amount I've spent this month - depressingly one of my packages with 6 polishes in was delayed by the Easter break.)

    I've also been eyeing up the Nina polishes in Sallys so would be interested in a review in the future if you have time (if that's not too demanding :p).