Monday, 18 March 2013

Press Release: Invogue New Pro Formula Polishes

- New, affordable nail polishes in array of cutting edge colours and effects -

The perfect manicure can instantly update your look and spring/summer 2013 is the perfect time to dip nails in this season's hottest hues and update your nail wardrobe. Keeping up with the latest trends couldn’t be easier (or cheaper!) with the new range of affordable, professionally formulated polishes from Invogue. Offering a wide selection of innovative and cutting edge colours and effects, these high quality polishes are available now, from £2.99 at Superdrug Online and in stores nationwide from mid March 2013 - just in time for your spring style update.

Choose from pastels, brights, dark tones or diamond base or top coats, available in 10 on-trend shades for just £2.99 each!

♥ Diamond Top - This innovative Top Coat acts like a gel polish. Drying instantly and setting your colour for a long lasting manicure.
♥ Diamond Base - Along with the Top Coat, the Base works to help with setting your colour for a long lasting manicure.
♥ In The Navy - Deep, Rich and Regal long lasting Colour.
♥ Barely Beige - Bang on trend, this nude core colour adds full colour without streaks.
♥ Passionate - Pearly Purple rich colour.
♥ Sugar Daddy - Pop of Pink, Perfect for toes!
♥ Delicious - Tangy Orange Zesty colour.
♥ Christian - A cold, taupe. Perfect for adding an edge to neutral.
♥ Tea Leaf - An unusual minty green. Perfect spring shade.
♥ French Maid - Flirty, fun and with a subtle shimmer. It’s all in the name!

Nails will never be boring with these 3, on- trend, neon nail polishes for just £3.49 each

♥ Firecracker - Don’t head for festival season without this gem of a colour; tangy, lively and girly
♥ All That Jazz - An unusual blended purple. This neon purple is a one off !
♥ Green Light - Party till dawn with the most daring neon in the range

Guaranteed to give an instant WOW factor to nails, these innovative nail polishes will give you this seasons key look….for as little as £3.49 each

♥ Sunset -  Soft, dreamy and perfect
♥ Jaye Bird  - Perfect blue sky
♥ On the Money -  Peacock with a touch of neon. A truly unique polish
♥ Parakeet - Candy coloured and looks good enough to eat

Transform nails in an instant with these sparkly, spangly nail polishes in 3 bright hues for just £2.99 each!

♥ Guilty Pleasure - A beautiful combination of purple and blue, this hi res polish is bursting with strong pigment to make a real statement
♥ Desire - Bright, sassy and high glam
♥ Feeling Fruity - Gorgeous and zesty and fruity with a touch of glitter

Set to be a big nail trend for 2013, choose from 2, on trend concrete effect polishes for as little as £3.49 each!

♥ Spell Bound - A potion of radiant orange with a concrete effect finish
♥ Black Magic - Classic black with a twist

Give your nails a futuristic finish with these gorgeous liquid metal polishes in 3 hot hues priced at £2.99 each!

♥ Green Sheen - A beautiful blue blend for high glamour
♥ Fools Gold - A treasure of a colour
♥ Saucy Sundae - Beautiful, fluid, soft yet sassy pink

Spruce up your nails with these fabulous and fashionable suede effect polishes. Choose from 4 hot hues for just £3.49 each

♥ Domination - Industrial chic, the perfect polish for tomboys
♥ Sophisticated - Velvety purple with a suede finish
♥ Hot Gossip - Sassy, shimmery perfection
♥ Emerald Dust - Lime with a suede effect, first seen here!

How amazing do these polishes look? You can already see swatches of the Feathers by clicking here! I'll hopefully be showing you some more of these beauties over the next few weeks, but make sure to look out for them in Superdrug stores or you can already purchase them online by clicking here! Are there any in particular that catch your eye?


  1. I just bought:
    In Vogue Nail Polish Feather On The Money
    In Vogue Nail Polish High Res Glitter Guilty Pleasure
    In Vogue Nail Polish Suede Emerald Dust
    In Vogue Nail Polish Concrete Spell Bound

    yay! cant wait to try them!

  2. p.s, i love those Jeffrey Cambell Litas an your banner :D

  3. Thanks Galorious! They're my favourite pair of shoes that I own so I wanted them in the photo!

  4. SQUEEE! I am so excited for these two, I've ordered the feathers, 2 suedes and the glittery ones *\o/*

  5. I love that outfit!!
    Much love,