Monday, 25 March 2013

Swatch: Invogue - Matt Concrete Effect

Hi ladies! You may have seen the recent Press Release I posted featuring a new UK brand, Invogue, that is now available for purchase at and also swatches of their Feather Effects collection which I posted last month. Well, today I have their two Matt Concrete Effects to show you, Black Magic and Spell Bound.
Visually, these look identical in texture to the Nails Inc Concrete Effect polishes, but without having those in my possession, I can't fully compare them for you. I can tell you that they are more textured than the BarryM Textured Effects Nail Paints and the Nails Inc Leather Effect.

The formula of the Invogue Matt Concrete polishes are a little thicker than your average nail polish, I imagine this is due to it's textured nature. I found that the best way to achieve an even textured coverage is to apply thin coats, as you can see, where a thicker coat was applied, there isn't as much of a textured effect. That being said, I had no issues with applying the polishes, they went on like butter and started drying almost instantly. All photos are taken inside my light box without a top coat as adding one will ruin the textured nature of the polish.

Black Magic is just your average Black polish with added texture. I applied 2 thin coats for the photos above.

Spell Bound is a Red-toned Orange. I tried to get this as accurate as possible but as always my camera had a little freak out, so I did have to edit the colouring slightly. As far as I can remember, this is how the polish looked in real. Again this is 2 coats of Spell Bound.

Invogue's Matt Concrete Effects are now available to purchase here for £3.49 as well as various other textures and finishes, to see Invogue's full range of colours, see this Press Release! To keep up with the latest happenings of Invogue, be sure to follow them on their Facebook/Twitter!

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