Monday, 4 March 2013

Swatch: My Color Club - Halo Hues Picks

Hi ladies! During my Professional Beauty visit I came across the Color Club stand which had both the 2012 and 2013 Halo Hues, after leaving the stand empty handed and carrying on, it wasn't until I was about to leave that I thought I would go back to the stand and pick up a few for myself. By the time I was leaving, I barely had any money left, so instead of getting all 12, like I originally planned, I picked up 3 from the 2012 collection and 3 from the 2013 collection.

Before I get into the swatches, I thought I'd make a general description of the formula/application, since it was the same for all of them! The formula was really easy to work with and is very similar to those by China Glaze. All of the polishes I used were opaque in 2 coats and seemed to dry fairly quickly. Though I love China Glaze and their new Hologlam collection, I think if they had the same Holographic strength as these Color Clubs do, people would have had an entirely different reaction to them.

Since this is a picture heavy post, all swatches will be after the jump break!

2012 Collection

Harp On It is a Silver linear holo. Of course you can't have a holographic collection without the obligatory Silver polish. You may remember Color Club released a Silver holo way back when called 'Worth The Risque' which I will have to dig out and compare for you all!

Halo-graphic is a medium Pink linear holo with a Purple leaning. The Purple undertone doesn't become apparent until in Sunlight. 

Angel Kiss a Sea-foam Green linear holo. I think out of all the swatches you see here, Angel Kiss is the least holographic in sunlight, which is saying something!

2013 Collection

Miss Bliss is the slightly older, more tanned Sister of Halo-Graphic from the 2012 collection. There's barely a difference between the colours when taken inside my light box, but once in Sunlight, you can see that Miss Bliss is just a hint darker.

Over The Moon is a gorgeous medium Blue linear holo. This is my second favourite out of all 6, my favourite being the one you'll see in a moment. 

Eternal Beauty is a stunning Purple linear holo with slight Blue undertones, looking almost pastel inside my light box, Eternal Beauty comes to life when in direct Sunlight, becoming deeper and much more vibrant. This is definitely my favourite of them all!

So there you have my picks from both the 2012 and 2013 collections. If you're in the UK, you can purchase  the 2012 Halo Hues and a limited selection of the 2013 collection from Sally Magpies and Color Club UK. Halo Hues can also be found at Harlow & Co. and the Color Club website if you're international! Do you own any of the Halo Hues from either collection? If so, which are your favourite?


  1. Love Love Love them! It's sunny today so I put Miss Bliss on and I couldn't stop looking! These holos are the best I've ever had, might need more!

  2. This would be a great choice for those halo lovers because each polish is lovely. I think they're nice but I can't look at them for long otherwise my eyes/head go a bit funny lol.

  3. I need Eternal Beauty! I also have Worth the Risque and it is nothing compared to these holos! It's like the tiny baby holo that hasn't grown up yet but is trying so hard to be a real holo! These swatches are beautiful xx

  4. I have every single one from each collection, they are essentials! Got them off ebay for around £6 each, direct from New York to the UK - get them all while you can! Am wearing new ones as skittles right now ;-)

  5. Such beautifuls pictures ! :) Love them all, I have order them last week, Im waiting for !!
    Sorry I'm French so my english is so approximative ! lol
    I will follow your blog :) ! It's just perfect !

  6. Gorgeous swatches! I have 3 of the 2012 collection and 4 of the 2013 collection are on their way! can't wait xx

  7. Wow they are amazing!! Great photos and swatches.

  8. Over the Moon looks stunning! Great swatches!

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    Get them while stocks last =)

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