Saturday, 16 March 2013

Swatch: Nails Inc Bling It On - Leather & Skulls

Hi ladies! I have the Nails Inc Bling It On Leather & Skulls kit to show you today, which was the first in the Leather Effect series to be released, you can now also buy them in Tan and Red. When I first saw the release of the Leather Effect polish, I was a little intrigued, there weren't as many 'textured' polishes on the market at that point so everything was new and exciting, of course now brands are throwing out Textured polishes left, right and centre, especially drugstore brands, which is a good thing if you're not wanting to pay a huge amount of money for just one polish.

I really liked the way Noho applied it was so smooth and depending on how thick you apply the polish, it's pretty much a one coater. I found it did take a little while to dry, but if you're not in a hurry to be anywhere it shouldn't matter. Once dried, the polish is supposed to resemble Leather, which, in my opinion, it does. It also dries to a matte finish - I suggest not applying a top coat if you don't want the effect to disappear.
As well as the Leather Effect polish, the Bling It On Leather & Skulls kit also includes 4 crystal skull embellishments, Nail Glue and a wooden stick.
Let's have a look at the kit shall we?

And here they are will a Skull embellishment. I applied the skull to my nail using tweezers and adding a little bit of the Nail Glue to the top and bottom of the skull. One thing to take into consideration when applying the skulls, is that they are quite large, and do have trouble sitting on your nails, since the skulls are flat. I definitely wouldn't wear the skulls day-to-day but would wear them on a special occasion or a night out on the town to add a little something to my nails. You can remove the skulls by soaking the Nail in Acetone until the glue has dissolved, if done carefully, the Skulls can also be reused!

Overall, I really like the way this polish looks when on the nails. I wore this polish *sans skulls* without a top coat for about 3/4 days with minimal tip wear, which is amazing, considering I spend the majority of my day typing on a keyboard! You can purchase the Bling It On Leather & Skulls kit directly from Nails Inc here, for £19 and is also available for purchase at Littlewoods here, or you can purchase Noho alone, here, for £12. What are your thoughts on the Textured Effects that are taking the Nail Polish world by storm, are you a lover or a hater?


  1. I love this look, but its just a bit too expensive for me! hoping there will be a cheaper alternative at some point

  2. OMG this is so awesome!! A sham that this isn't available in my country though. :( And the shipping cost will be very high.

  3. I love this polish! I picked it up at Sephora last month and wish I had gotten the tan and red colors too!

  4. Gorgeous! I personally love the leather effect. My favourite textured polish x