Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Monthly Haul: April

Hi ladies! Well it's that time of the month again where I reflect on my purchases for this month. I'm pretty happy with myself this month, I didn't spend anywhere near as much as I usually do, and a lot of the polishes you'll see in the post were either gifted to me or sent for review. I won't go on and make a super long intro as I'm sure you're more interested in the polishes, so let's begin with the items I purchased!

I started off the month with a purchase from Nail Polish Direct. They were having a sale on the new China Glaze Hologlam polishes with an additional 10% off and since I've regretted not picking up the whole collection at Professional Beauty (mainly because the price was extortionate) I decided to get the remaining 6 I needed. Unfortunately, when my order arrived 'When Stars Collide' wasn't in the order, instead a note said that it was oversold and out of stock *sad face*. I also decided to pick up the new W7 Suede Effect collection to try, which you can see swatches of here.

I also placed an order with Krafty Gurl on Etsy after admiring some of her polishes for a while. The second from the left is a bit one sided after being shipped over seas on one side, but it still works perfectly fine. You can find Krafty Gurl polishes here.

I also nipped into Sally's on their VAT free day earlier this month to pick up some supplies I needed for college. Of course I ended up leaving with a selection of new China Glaze polishes and OPI - My Vampire Is Buff, naughty.

When I heard Sinful Colors had made their way into Boots stores around the UK I had to go into my local store and see if we were lucky enough to get them, which as you can see, we were. I had minimal money left on me after a day trip to the beach (of course it would have been the day I left my bank card at home) so I was only able to pick up 3. At the time they were on the 3 for 2 offer, which I'm unsure is still active? But for £1.99 each you can't go wrong.

That concludes my purchases for the month, so let's take a look at the polishes I have been lucky enough to receive this month.

I was kindly sent 6 W7 polishes after being asked by Nail Polish Direct if they could use the swatches I did of the Suede Effects on their website. These will be featured in an upcoming series I have planned for the blog starting tomorrow.

Next of course are the BarryM Confetti polishes, which can be seen here. I'm lucky enough to be an official Blogger for BarryM, which means I am sent the new releases to show you guys before they're available in store! I still pinch myself sometimes because of this. I've been an avid BarryM fan for almost 8 years!

I also got a little surprise package from Purple Professional with two of their new Spring/Summer releases. 

And finally we have the BarryM Nail Art Pens, which I haven't actually gotten around to doing a review of yet. I generally try and avoid Nail Art like the plague just because I'm terrible at it, especially when it comes to thinking up original Nail Art ideas. I will have some sort of post featuring these in the future!

So there you have my Monthly Haul post for the month of April. As I said, I've done pretty well this month with my spending, I think I spent about £40/50 this month on Nail Polish, which is a MAJOR cut back from what I usually do. How did you do this month? Have you killed any lemmings this month?


  1. Wow, nice haul. I'd love to shop like that too, but storage is starting to become an issue. How do you store all your polishes and nail supplies? I love those China Glaze Holos, they aren't strong and eye blinding, but they are just right for more of an everyday use. My Vampire Is Buff is a nice shade too. I've used it quite a bit. It works fabulous as undies for a layering polish too.

  2. Ooh that is a great haul :D I especially love the W7 polishes!

  3. One of my little dreams is to have a blog so good that people send me polishes to review :p £40/50 is really good for all that! I spent loads this month as Boots have started stocking Butter London and Sally Hansen, and I bought some piCture pOlish which I have wanted for months!

    Looking forward to Brit month!

  4. Lovely haul. I'm scared to figure out what I've spent this month, but I suppose that post is coming shortly for me...