Friday, 3 May 2013

May'd In Britain: BarryM

Hi ladies! First up is probably the most recognisable brand in the whole world, BarryM. If you asked anyone  in the Nail Blogesphere to name a British brand, I guarantee 99, if not 100% would say this brand. BarryM was the first brand of make-up/nail polish I got into at the tender age of 13, I remember going into town and buying a selection of Nail Paints (some which I still have to this day), Blushers and Dazzle Dusts, so BarryM will always have a place in my heart. Before I get into showing you some swatches, I thought I would include a little something about the brand taken directly from the BarryM website.

"Barry M Cosmetics was created in London, Great Britain in 1982 by Barry Mero. In the early 80's Barry had a number of retail outlets around London selling beauty and cosmetic products. The fashion was for dramatic, outrageous make-up. However he found that no one was producing the exciting and vivid colours that his customers required. So in June 1982 he decided to put together the Barry M Cosmetic range.

The Barry M name soon became a cult name in the field of colour cosmetics and in those days if you were a new romantic, punk or gothic the chances are you would have been using Barry M to make your statement!"

All BarryM products never have and never will be tested on animals, making the brand 100% cruelty free and their Nail Paints are also 3 free.

All information about where to buy will be included at the bottom of the post, so until then let's have a look at some swatches!

Coral is a bright Orange Coral crelly with a hint of Pink undertones. I say crelly because it's not quite a jelly, but it's more 'squishy' than a creme. I applied 3 coats of Coral for full opacity and the photos above are without a top coat. Look at that shine!

Spring Green is a vibrant, medium toned, grassy Green crelly. I think BarryM really like their half creme, half jelly hybrids. It's definitely not as shiny as Coral though! Just a word of warning, you will need to wear a base coat with this polish, way back when I wasn't as big into polish as I am now, I wore this for about 3/4 days without a base coat and ended up with REALLY stained nails that took forever to grow out. The photo above is 3 coats of Spring Green without a top coat.

Raspberry is a berry Red creme with Pink undertones. The polish is a bit more Red in person than it's showing in the photographs. I applied 2 coats of Raspberry without a top coat, because let's face it, who needs one with that shine!?

Peach Melba is a Peachy pastel creme. This colour is perfect for the Spring time, it's just so pretty! I applied 3 coats of Peach Melba without a top coat.

Electric Dreams/Retro Blue is an Electric Blue with a Turquoise shimmer. This was released as a limited edition collection for their 30th anniversary along with 3 other colours. I applied 2 coats of Electric Dreams without a top coat. 

Tainted Love/Retro Purple is a gorgeous Blurple with a Blue shimmer. This looks very similar to OPI - Tomorrow Never Dies, I wonder how they'd compare together *makes mental note*. Again this is from the Retro collection released as part of BarryM's 30 year anniversary, however you can still find the collection here. I applied 2 coats of Tainted Love without a top coat.

Gold Mine Glitter is a sheer Black base packed with Gold hexagonal glitter. I layered 1 coat of Gold Mine Glitter over BarryM - Black. You could probably build it up enough to be worn on it's own, but 'ain't nobody got time for that'.

Amethyst Glitter is an AH-MAZE-ZING combination of various sized metallic Teal, Purple, Gold and Fuchsia hexagonal glitter in a clear base. This polish is just gorgeous! I layered 1 coat of Amethyst Glitter over BarryM - Blackberry without a top coat.

Jewel Britannia was released in celebration of the Queens Jubilee last year and is a combination of metallic Blue, Red and Holographic hexagonal glitter in various sizes suspended in a clear base. I layered 1 coat of Jewel Britannia over Peach Melba without a top coat.

LE Christmas Glitter was released as a Superdrug exclusive last Christmas, and although it's not readily available to us now, I thought I would include it anyway. Christmas Glitter is a mixture of Red, Green and Blue small and large hexagonal glitter in a clear base. The glitter was a little sparse and did need a bit of fishing and manipulation to get the glitters onto the nail, the photos above are 2 coats of Christmas Glitter over BarryM - Watermelon without a top coat.

Ruby Glitter is a clear base with large Black and Ruby hexagonal glitter and what appears to be tiny Black bar glitter (which I'm not gonna lie, looks a bit like stubble). I applied 2 coats over BarryM - Mint Green without a top coat.

Purchase Information

BarryM Nail Paints are available for purchase from multiple places around the UK. I've found a few examples of where you can buy them here;
  • Superdrug - Both on line and in store, priced between £2.99 - £4.99. UK Standard delivery at £3 with free shipping over £25 when ordered on line.
  • Boots - Both on line and in store, priced between £2.99 - £4.99. UK Standard delivery at £2.95 with free shipping over £45 when ordered on line.
  • Tesco - Selected stores and on line, priced between £2.99 - £5.00. UK Standard delivery at £3 when ordered on line.
  • BarryM official website, priced between £2.99 - £4.99. UK Standard delivery at £2.95 for orders under £10 or £3.95 for orders over £10.
  • Nail Polish Direct, priced between £2.75 - £3.95. Free standard delivery with no minimum spend.
  • ASOS, priced between £2.99 - £3.99. Free standard delivery with no minimum spend.
For International lovers, BarryM can be found here;
If you know of any more international/UK websites or stores that stock BarryM Nail Paints, let me know in the comments and I will add them to the list! I hope you've enjoyed this May'd In Britain post, and will keep coming back to check out the rest of the posts! Which is your all time favourite BarryM Nail Paint?
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  1. I've got most of the polishes on here but they've never been that shiny for me! My Raspberry is a lot deeper red and kinda looked matte last time I used it but might be cos I wasn't so good back then. I like too many of theirs to pick a favourite :p

  2. Loving this post! Great idea xx

  3. Okay, Amethyst Glitter is being added to the wishlist!

  4. Superdrug free P&P till 7th May and Barry M 3 for 2 (I think!). Gold mine added to my list, thanks for sharing x

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