Thursday, 9 May 2013

May'd In Britain: Models Own

Hi ladies! We're back today with another instalment of May'd In Britain, this time featuring some Models Own polishes. Now you will notice that my nails are significantly longer in this post, that's because I'd already made a start on some swatches for this month before my catastrophic nail break. That teaches me to be organised right? I used to have SO many Models Own nail polishes, but over the past year or so I've gradually gotten rid of them and haven't really purchased any more. I find most of Models Own polishes apply really well on the first few uses when they're brand new but once they've been used more than a handful of times or even just used once and left for a while they tend to go really thick gloopy, I've also found they take a while to dry when compared to other drugstore brands. So overall I'm not a big fan of Models Own, to top it all off their regular line is NOT 3-free, they contain Formaldehyde resin, Camphor and Toluene which is why they have a strong smell, however their Pro Range IS 3-free, so if you're all about 3-free I suggest purchasing from their Pro line, although they are more expensive and not as wide a colour choice.

Below are a selection of Models Own nail polishes I own, all purchase information will be listed at the bottom of the post!

Beth's Blue* is a light Cornflower Blue creme. Since this was the first time opening and using the bottle, the application wasn't so bad. It applied well with only a couple minor streaking issues and needed 2 coats for full opacity.

Lilac Dream* is a pastel Lilac creme. Like Beth's Blue, this was a newly opened bottle so the application was manageable. I applied 2 coats of Lilac Dream for full opacity.

Pink Blush* is what only can be described as a bright Barbie Pink creme. Again, this was a newly opened bottle so there were no major issues with application. I applied 2 coats of Pink Blush for the photos.

Fuzzy Peach is a bright Peach creme. I've had this bottle for quite a while and did have some trouble applying the polish for a smooth finish. The polish had turned a bit thick and did need more control than the others but after 2 thin coats and a thicker third coat, I was able to smooth the polish out.

Hot Stuff is a predominantly Pink glitter with Pink shards and holographic Diamonds in a clear base. Now THIS is a thick polish, one of the main reasons I got rid of the other colours in this collection was due to them being SO unmanageable. But I thought I would bite the bullet and attempt to swatch my last remaining Mirrorball polish. I found the easiest and least messy way of applying this was to do a thin coat of polish then fish for the larger glitter shards. This is 1 coat of Hot Stuff over Pink Blush.

Purchase Information

Models Own nail polishes can be purchased from various retailers around the UK, here's a little selection of stores/websites you can find them on;

  • Models Own website - Priced at £5.00 each or 5 for £20. UK Standard delivery is charged at £2.95 for 1-4 Nail Polishes or free for 5+ Nail Polishes. 
  • Littlewoods - Priced at £6.00 each. Free UK Standard delivery with no minimum spend.
  • ASOS - Priced at £5 each. Free UK Standard delivery with no minimum spend
  • Nail Polish Direct - Priced at £4.75 each. Free UK Standard delivery with no minimum spend.
  • Boots - Available both in store and on line priced at £5 each. UK Standard delivery is charged at £2.95 with free shipping over £45 when ordered on line.

Products in this post marked with an (*) have been sent to me by Littlewoods for my honest review. 


  1. I want to love models own, but the smell really puts me off!
    I will try one of the new ones they have just brought out though

  2. Very pretty polishes, the lilac one is my favorite.

  3. It's a shame they're so difficult to use cos the blue and lilac are gorgeous, but as a clumsy person I need application to be easier :p

    I really like that you're showing us ones that are good and bad, it's really helpful!

  4. Call me strange but I love the smell. I do agree with the gloopiness that occurs. It's such a shame because they do some lovely colours/glitter mixes.