Thursday, 16 May 2013

May'd In Britain: NYC

Hi ladies! Today on the May'd In Britain series we have New York Color, otherwise known as NYC. Now I'm not gonna lie, I can be a bit of a polish snob sometimes and overlook the 'cheap' brands you often find in Superdrug/Boots with the exception of BarryM cause let's face it, they're amazing. So you can imagine my surprise when I tried NYC for the first time and instantly fell in LOVE with the brand. Not only is their In A New York Minute range priced at just £1.79 each, they have one of the best formula's I have tried, like it's up there with BarryM/China Glaze etc. After a little bit of research, I also found that NYC polishes are 3-free and free from Formaldehyde Resin! As of right now, I can't comment on the longevity of the polishes as I haven't conducted a 'wear test' yet, but with a good base/top coat, I'm sure these will last you a long time.
As I mentioned briefly, I am completely surprised by the formula of the polishes, they apply well without any streaking/patchiness, they dry reasonably fast (maybe not quite a minute, but not much longer) and they're amazingly pigmented. To top it all off, they have a large flat brush (think OPI) for easy application.

As always, all purchase information can be found at the bottom of the post!

Chinatown is a blackened Purple base with a subtle Silvery Purple shimmer. Some people seem to describe this as a Blue, but I definitely think it's a Purple with some slight Blue undertones. I applied 2 coats of Chinatown without a top coat.

East Village is an Aqua/Teal slightly duo chromatic (is that even a word?!) shimmer. As expected, it is on the sheer side but it does build up quite nicely with another coat or two. I used 4 coats for the photos above without a top coat, truth be told it could have gotten away with 3 but I applied a 4th to even out any remaining patches.

High Line Green is a grassy Green creme with Yellow undertones. I'm always cautious with Yellow undertoned Greens and they do have the tendency to stain the nails after a prolonged wear. So I would recommend wearing a base coat with this polish. This is 2 coats of High Line Green without a top coat.

Lincoln Square Lavender is a medium toned Lavender with Pink undertones. This came out a little more Pink on camera than it is in real life, but I REALLY like this colour, it's so Summery and lovely. This is 2 coats of Lincoln Square Lavender without a top coat.

Manhattan is a deep Plum with Red undertones, or is it a deep Red with Purple undertones, I'm not too sure. Either way it's one of those classic 'vampy' shades. I always find this specific colour of polish to be a bit streaky, no matter how 'good' a brand it is. This is 2 coats of Manhattan without a top coat.

Spring Street is a florescent, but not quite neon, Orange creme. It kinda reminds me of a bright Carrot? This is 2 coats of Spring Street without a top coat on my pre-nail break nails.

Spring Tulip is a bright Bubblegum Pink creme with some Orange undertones. This colour looks different in various lights, sometimes looking muted, whilst others looks bright. I applied 2 coats of Spring Tulip without a top coat.

Water Street Blue is a bright Cyan Blue creme. I looove colours like this, but they always make me want to go to a tropical destination, probably because they remind me of swimming pools? I don't know. Weird right. This is 2 coats of Water Street Blue without a top coat.

Purchase Information

Below is a REALLY small list of where you can find NYC In A New York Minute polishes;

  • Superdrug - Both in store and on line priced at £1.79 each (and currently on 3 for 2). UK standard delivery is charged at £3 when ordering on line and free when you spend over £25.
  • Frangrance Direct - A small selection of colours priced at £0.99 each. UK standard delivery is charged at £2.99 or 2nd class delivery is £1.99


  1. i have high line green, i think its amazing, i love this brand, they are so cheap and the nail polish is so good!

  2. I fully agree. I have one of these colours and I bought it because it was a dupe for a discontinued Rimmel shade and I found the application a lot better and opaque in one coat.

    The only problem I see is that the displays in the superdrug that I use is woefully understocked and I never see an colours that make me stop in my tracks.


  3. I agree! I totally love this brand and Im always buying their products. personally they are a really good quality cheap nail polish that I will keep on spending my money on :D WOOHOO FOR NYC!! xx

  4. I have lots of NYC's. I am crazy for Water Street Blue. Funny thing, though. I had no idea they were made in Britain! Guess I saw the NYC and assumed it was New York City here in the states. I never even thought to check!

  5. I've seen these in Superdrug and have seen a few I like, will pick some up now I know they're good, thanks!

  6. I bought the new Foil Explosion collection from NYC the other day, and I too and now sold on them!