Friday, 31 May 2013

Monthly Haul: May

Hi ladies! Oh my lord, this month has been ridiculous for Nail Polish purchases, granted I was lucky enough to be sent a handful of these polishes, which I will include together at the bottom of the post, but in terms of purchasing I went a little crazy. Luckily a lot of the polish I bought was either on offer (3 for 2) or heavily discounted. Since this is going to be a super long post with lots of photos, I won't do a huge intro. So let's take a look shall we? If you want to know the names of polishes shown below, just let me know in the comments and I will reply back to you!

When I saw the new Summer collection from China Glaze I instantly fell in love with the majority of the colours in the collection, although I haven't tried them yet, I hear that the formula of the majority are quite bad, which I'm not too happy about because I bought these before seeing any reviews. Nevertheless they're still really pretty to look at! I got the whole collection from Nail Polish Direct for £60, however they have recently rose their prices, so I'm not sure how much it would be now!

Which the purchase of the new China Glaze collection, I also bought 4 new W7 polishes, which were featured recently in my May'd In Britain post, here. I'm really enjoying W7 polishes, they have such a wide range of colours and they don't break the bank!

This next bunch comes as part of a huge haul from Fragrance Direct. If you didn't know about the site, check it out! There's some amazingly discounted polishes (and make-up too), including Essie for £1.99 and OPI for just £3.99! I got this loot of 20 Nail Polishes for just £38 including £3 P&P with a 10% off discount code! Pretty good if you ask me!

I then placed an order with mainly for a Birthday present for my boyfriends Dad, but I couldn't resist their 3 for 2 offer and picked up some more NYC polishes and a couple of MUA polishes to try also. All of this cost just under £10 with the offer!

Before the 3 for 2 offer hit Superdrug, they were having a 2 for £3 offer on NYC polishes and since I needed to collect a few brands for the May'd In Britain post, I picked 4 up whilst I was in town. It was these polishes that started my obsession with NYC, and well, you can see what happened there.

I then popped over to Boots to see if they had restocked the Sinful Colours display, which unfortunately they hadn't, however I did see these 3 beauties and decided to grab them. I seem to have a bit of a Green theme from here on out, as you'll see when you scroll down!

Again, another Superdrug order! I've been seeing the Maybelline Polka Dots around the blogesphere and really liked the look of them, so of course I bought them using the 3 for 2 offer and also the free shipping offer that Superdrug are currently offering. As you can see, I couldn't resist purchasing some more NYC polishes too.

And then we come to my recent trip to Amsterdam. What is the one thing to do when you visit a European country? Buy Catrice and Essence polishes of course! After spending what seemed like hours looking for a Kruidvat store (we would have found it in a matter of minutes had we not taken the alleyway onto the main shopping street just after the store! Unfortunately it was on a bend so we didn't see it when we emerged from the alley) needless to say when we did find it, I went a little crazy. I could have spent so much more money in there but I had to be reasonable with myself. I also bought some make-up items from both brands which aren't shown here.

And finally we come to my last purchase of the month. When I saw ILNP had released some holographic polishes I drooled a little. Unfortunately they were released before I'd been paid so I thought I had missed out. But when browsing her Etsy store, I saw that there were still some available there! However the ones I most wanted had sold out, but I did managed to snag 3 of them. I also bought a couple new released glitters.

That concludes my purchases for the month of May, so let's take a look at the beauties I have been lucky enough to receive!

Being an official blogger for BarryM (which I still can't believe and get giddy about a lot!) I get the chance to preview their new releases before they hit the stores. This month I received 3 new BarryM collections; the Summer Gellys, Confetti Nail Effects and Sequin Nail effects. I've already reviewed both the Gellys and the Confettis (and here too), but haven't reviewed the Sequin Effects because, to put it bluntly, they're awful. I gave up after attempting to paint 1 nail. So if you were looking for a review from me, I'm sorry to say you won't be seeing one!

I then got an AMAZING package from Shimmer containing 16 gorgeous glitter bombs. So you can expect to see some swatches of these over the next coming weeks!

I also received an unexpected package from Invogue containing 3 of their Matt Suede polishes. As you can see from my Fragrance Direct post, I'd recently just bought the Green suede! So maybe you'll see it in a giveaway?!

Finally I was kindly sent 10 Models Own polishes from Littlewoods to feature as part of my May'd In Britain series, which you can see here. As you'll probably notice, not all of them were featured...what does this mean?!

That concludes my MASSIVE May haul. I'd say that I purchased a lot of them for part of the May'd In Britain posts, but that would be a big fib! I definitely need to cut back throughout June, but will I do it?! We'll just have to see on the next Monthly Haul post!


  1. i love that!!!

  2. wooow! so many great colors!

  3. i was so disappointed with the sequins! hate them, never thought i would say that about barry m

  4. Wowzers is right!!! But totally Awesome!

  5. Wowza that are A LOT! I'm scared of creating a monthly haul because I just know it will scare the crap out of my of how many I bought :)

  6. Ohhh I can't wait to see the Maybelline Polka Dots! I want those so bad, but I can't find them anywhere yet :/

  7. Omg haha, you make me feel better about my mahoosive april haul which I've still been a bit too embarrassed to post LOL. Loving all those Shimmer polishes, it's one indie brand I haven't yet tried. Have you seen Hare Polish? Think you might like some of their polishes :) xx

  8. Wow, it's unbelieveable how many polishes you got! Have fun trying them!