Saturday, 4 May 2013

Swatch: BarryM Summer Gellys

Hi ladies! I have the brand new Summer Gellys from BarryM to show you today! These arrived in my letter box this morning and I just couldn't wait to swatch them. A couple hours later, they're ready for you guys to see! You'll notice that I've cut my nails down to nubs, that's because whilst packing up boxes at work yesterday I managed to somehow split my pinkie nail diagonally *WHAT* so I'm VERY annoyed about that, especially because I had just gotten my nails to the perfect length for me *sad face*.
Anyway, back to the post! BarryM released the original Hi-Shine Gelly collection last September which consisted of 9 Autumn ready shades, you can see swatches of those here and here. They then brought out 4 more Spring ready shades in February of this year, which you can see here, and are now launching 5 bright Summer ready shades this June! With an amazing formulation, vibrant lasting colour and a super glossy finish it's no surprise BarryM's Hi-Shine Gelly Nail Paints have become a favourite amongst Nail Polish lovers everywhere. 

So without further ado, let's take a look at the swatches!

Key Lime is a bright Lime Green with Yellow undertones. This is SO pretty! I'm not usually a fan of Lime Green polishes, but this really is something. It does remind me of Lime Green from BarryM, but without that to compare, I can't tell you for definite. I applied 2 coats of Key Lime for the photos above.

Guava is a beautiful medium toned, vibrant Teal. When I saw the press release, this was the colour I couldn't wait to get my hands on, it's absolutey stunning and it doesn't disappoint on the nail either. This colour just screams Summer and makes me want to hop on a plane to the furthest Tropical island and stay there. I applied 2 coats of Guava without a top coat.

Mango is a bright Orange that kinda reminds me of Carrots, anyone else? I applied 2 coats of Mango for the photos above.

Passion Fruit is the perfect balance between a Pink and a Red. Put it next to a Red, it looks Pink, next to a Pink it looks Red. I applied 2 coats of Passion Fruit for the photos, but could have easily gotten away with just one coat.

Blue Grape is a bright Indigo Blue. Although I haven't officially compared them, this looks like a brighter version of OPI...Eurso Euro and BarryM Indigo, but until I can fully compare I can't tell you for sure. I did notice there was a bit of a smell to this polish, kinda like burnt wood. I don't know what it is with this colour of Blue, but I noticed it with BarryM's Indigo too. This is 2 coats of Blue Grape.

The Summer Hi-Shine Gelly Nail Paints will be available for purchase at £3.99 each on June 8th in Superdrug stores and June 12th for Boots stores along with the new Confetti Nail Effects. To be sure you don't miss out on the official announcements, follow BarryM on both Twitter and Facebook for regular updates on collections and offers!


  1. It rarely happens, that I like a whole collection, but I love all 5 colors. So pretty. Till now I tried only one their Gelly polish, but I loved it, such an amazing formula.

  2. I need Key Lime and Guava, but they all look stunning! Great swatches :)

  3. LOVING Passion Fruit! Mango is really pretty, too. Really fun collection all around.

  4. Hurry up and come into stock!! These will make up for the disappointing textured glitters that just came out.

  5. Love them! All of them! NEED RIGHT NOW!
    Lovely swatches xxx

  6. The blue is gorgeous, but what is with that smell I wonder? Hmmm.

  7. I just bought this and I really can't wait to wear it [which will be tomorrow, Sunday is my nail painting time ;)] It's such a gorgeous colour! I'm not the biggest Barry M fan but I do own Guava, Cyan Blue, Damson, Blue Grape and Navy. Something about those blues ;)