Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Guest Post: Nail Jems

Hi ladies! I've got another guest blogger for you today, this time we're graced by Jem from Nail Jems who has been inspired by some Aboriginal art! I love the colours she used in this mani, and I'm sure you will too! So without further ado, let's take a look at Jems' creation!


First of all I would like to thank the lovely Rachel for allowing me to do a guest post for her amazing blog, I am new to blogging and this is only my second ever guest post, so it's an honour to be featured amongst such talent!
Rachel asked me to do something along the lines of favourite techniques or tools, and one tool that has become very important to me and is so versatile for nail art is my dotting tool. I have used it in so many ways, but I have never done a dotticure before!
I confess that I am not a big fan of polka dots and for this reason I have avoided the dotticure so far, and then I realised that if I didn't like polka dots I was just going to have to get creative, and as I moved to Australia recently I took some inspiration from Aboriginal art! Aboriginal art is amazing, they create an entire image with millions of tiny little dots, and as the Aboriginals are tied to the land much of their artwork is based on Australian nature. So I decided to adopt their dotting method of creating art and did my first Aussie themed dotticure, and I have to say, though not a fan of dots I love it!

Each nail represents a different aspect of the Australian Terrain.
The index finger represents the sun
The middle finger represents the sea
The ring finger represents the hinterland, which is a region of forest covered mountains seperating the coast from the desert behind (which is where I live!)
The little finger represents the desert.
On the thumb nail I decided to feature an Australian animal, and though it's not the most famous Aussie animal, it is my favourite and that's the snake. They are rife here and I have a 3 meter long carpet python who lives in my back garden and showed up as an uninvited guest to my wedding!! This makes me happy, if I didn't move around so much I would have a real pet snake! I love that there are so many here, but some are very dangerous and I have had to attach a venemous snake chart to my refrigerator to know what to keep away from when they show up on my patio!

This was a pretty tricky mani to do as I had to get the dots small enough to form a visible pattern on such a small area as the nail, I think I managed it quite well for a first dotting attempt!
I used a lot of colours in this mani so I will list them all here:
Sun: Sinful Colours ''Hazard'' and Sinful Colours ''All about You''
Sea: YSNY 018, LA Girl ''Mermaids Lagoon'' and Sinful Colours ''Cinderella''
Mountains: YSNY 016, Chresy (no name) and OPI SkyFall Collection ''Live and Let Die''
Desert: Sally Hansen Lustre Shine ''Lava'' Sinful Colours ''Hazard'' Sally Hansen Shine Tech (red but lable has gone!) and BYS Neons ''Shimmer Golden Sands''.
Snake: YSNY 016, LA Girl fruity in ''Blissful Blackberry'', Sally Hansen Lustre Shine ''Lava'' and BYS Neons ''Shimmer Golden Sands''
Some of these polish such as YSNY and Chresy you may never have heard of as they are budget European brands, and others you may not have heard of as I believe they are Aussie brands like the BYS polishes. All of these colours were dotted onto a white creme base, Sinful Colours ''Snow Me White''
I hope you enjoyed my first ever dotticure! If you would like to see more of my work please pass by my blog and drop me some love at: http://nailjems.blogspot.com.au/ 
Thanks again to Rachel for this wonderful opportunity to share my work with you all! 
Jem of Nail Jems x


I absolutely LOVE her index finger, however with my current Blue obessesion, the middle finger has to be my favourite. Thank you again to Jem for being a guest on Polished Criminails!


  1. I love the symbology behind the manicure. And the snake. Snakes are cute!

  2. I love the sun nail, the colours look gorgeous together x