Saturday, 31 August 2013

Monthly Haul: August

Hi ladies! I can't believe it's actually been a month since my last post! I've been swatching some over the past couple weeks, but I haven't gotten around to writing the posts (which is the worst part for me) so bare with me and hopefully I'll be back posting in no time.
As I've previously mentioned on my Facebook, at the end of July I was made redundant from my job, which was a huge blow to my financial situation. I have made a few purchases this month, but no-where near the same volume as previous months. The majority of my 'polish allowance' has gone towards purchasing Gel polishes and other things I need for doing clients nails.
Let's jump straight in shall we?

I started out this month with another purchase of IBD Just Gel Polishes. I absolutely love the colour range this brand has, as well as their staying power and pigmentation. It was definitely hard narrowing it down to 20, but I tried to choose a range of colours, as well as colours that I would wear myself.

When I saw the preview for the brand new Ultra-Chromes from ILNP at the beginning of the month I just about died inside. I knew that by the time they were released (in about a week or so), I wouldn't be able to purchase them and it made me a little sad. So on a whim, I contacted Barbra, the amazing creator, asking if I could pay for them there and then to be sure I had them when they were released. Amazingly, she said yes and that I wouldn't even have to wait for the release!! I've had these babies for a couple weeks now and I love them a little more each day. Thanks again to Barbra!

The last purchase of this month were these 3 beauties from Holographic Hussy's blog sale. I pretty much struck gold with these 3 polishes, as they're all discontinued/HTF. The best part about it? I think I paid £15 with P&P for them! For those wondering it's OPI - Sapphire In The Snow, China Glaze - He's Going In Circles and ILNP - A-Few-Shah.

Lastly, I was kindly sent these 3 beautiful glitters from an indie brand called Glitter Bunny! I'm in love with them and I can't wait to try them out over various colour combos. 

That concludes my purchases for August. As you can see, I've been EXTREMELY good with actual polish purchases. The Gel polishes did cost me an arm and a leg, but they're for 'work purposes' so it's kinda acceptable right?! What have you been buying this month? Let me know!